I’m sat in the departure lounge of Sevilla airport, and I started thinking about systems. Looking at the airport security and how you have to do things in certain ways, i.e., check boarding pass, then on to security remove all liquids and aerosols, iPads phones, then remove belts and shoes walk through the scanner. What if you went through security first and then checked the boarding pass and you were there the wrong day? Would that not be a waste of time, energy, and money. So for maximum productivity, they follow the process the way it’s designed.

Now as you are aware systems are a massive part of franchising. Franchisees require a system to follow to maximise their productivity which then maximises income within the business. This will help with two things that everybody wants, more time and more money.

Have you been into a McDonald’s recently?

I went into one a couple of weeks back and noticed that they had changed. You can now order food yourself on a giant iPad, where you pay, get allocated a number, and when your number gets called out and you receive your food. If McDonald’s can change their systems and processes for 49,000 stores worldwide, then so can you.

I’m sure that it won’t be long before you can order your food from an app on your phone. Argos have nailed this system down, we don’t all like it, we moan about it but we still use it why? Because it saves time which also saves money.

So think about your own systems, even if you’re not franchising, everybody has a system/process that they follow. How can you improve performance and maximise profitability? That one small change can really help you move your business onto the next level.

Our Online and workshop based programmes cover the importance of creating processes and systems by design not default and about testing, amending and retesting them until they work. If you want to learn more about how to become a better franchisor then get in touch today, call 01522 246812.

Michael Bohan

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