Travelling back on the train from London yesterday I started thinking about how long franchising has been around – a long time now – and how the industry continues to grow and develop.

This I think is partly because in business today we want everything now and don’t want to wait for it!

I speak to lots of business owners who are thinking of franchising, and a lot of them want to do it as cheap as possible and they want 20 franchisees in their first year. Why? Let’s be honest here, to franchise your business in the UK all you need is a business model, a franchise agreement and franchisees. That enables you to run a franchise. So does that mean that to be a dentist all you need is dental equipment and a chair; to be a carer you need to care for people; to be a taxi driver you just need to be able to drive and answer questions from punters; to be a football coach you need to watch football and tell players what to do. Am I right? NO course I’m not, you need qualifications for all of these things to be able to do your job properly.

Why? What does the qualification mean? It means you are qualified to be in those jobs. It means that you have taken the time to understand the industry and how it works and what your customer needs are and that you are able to satisfy those needs.

How then is franchising any different? you are changing your business into a coaching, training and recruitment business. How many franchisors out there have actually learnt how to be a franchisor? Yet time and again franchisees are happy to hand over their savings and trust someone who has not been qualified to train, coach or support them.

We are working on a programme that we thought helped businesses owners to franchise their business, but actually because of the leadership and management information in it and the industry knowledge that we impart the programme is really about becoming a franchisor.

So what I am getting at here is why I believe that Gti Consultancy is so different, it’s because we don’t franchise your business, we teach you to be a franchisor and help you to build your business.

The old saying goes “fish for a man and he can eat for a day, teach a man to fish and he can eat for the rest of his life” it’s exactly the same in franchising if we were like all the other consultants out there and did it for you. What would you actually learn? If we taught you how to be a franchisor and manage your franchisees, understand some of the pitfalls you might encounter you can franchise your business without making some of the mistakes that other franchisors have made – now isn’t that what franchising is all about?

I’d be really interested in your thoughts.


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