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Training Programmes Built Around You…

Every organisation has a culture of learning within the business and how that works is really up to the business owner. Do you have a “sit next to Nellie and do what she does” way of training? Meaning that if Nellie always sticks to the same routine and doesn’t embrace change then neither will the rest of the team. Or are you forward thinking and innovative when it comes to ideas that will stimulate the team and encourage them to learn new things?

All good businesses and especially franchised organisations, work well when they have strong systems and processes that are easy to follow. However, technology and the way the business world works will naturally, over time, change the way that your business works.

Through our training programmes we work with you, to ensure that the training you offer to your team sits with the way that you want to work and the way your business needs to develop and grow.

Embracing a positive learning culture will present your business with all kinds of benefits, including:

  • increasing employee or franchisee engagement, this will have a direct impact on productivity, retention, and ultimately customer satisfaction
  • building a “growth mindset” across the organisation will give you higher levels of performance
  • improving motivation among employees. Studies have shown that learning naturally empowers employees to be self-motivated and encourages them to actively explore ways to grow and improve
  • encouraging employees to incorporate learning quickly into their daily routines, saving time and money
  • cultivating leadership and emotional intelligence. Soft skills such as leadership, empathy, and communication, can be learned and they can drive measurable benefits throughout the organisation

Existing franchisors

We know from experience that some franchisors start recruiting franchisees before the business is ready to be franchised. We can help get you back on the straight and narrow before too much damage has been done – remember it’s not just your business that takes a hit if you mess up, your franchisees will suffer too!

Existing franchisees

Sometimes running a business isn’t quite what you think it might be. In every franchise group there are disillusioned and disenchanted franchisees who are frankly not performing as they or their franchisee would like or expect. We can work with them to get the business into shape and enable either growth or an exit plan whichever is most practical.

We can design bespoke programmes for franchisors to complement their existing training packages for both franchisees and their staff.

We help franchisees and franchisors to identify the training requirements required in their business and advise on the training that we can offer that will be the most appropriate to their development plans.

Our training is unique in the franchise sector: we are delighted to be able to offer a range of training programmes that are fully recognised by the Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM) which is an internationally recognised awarding body.

All our programmes offer an ILM certificate and are specifically focussed to ensure that the franchise leaders and managers in your business are the best they can be.