The training from Julie was a real eye-opener. It really helped me to understand how to manage and talk to people with different learning styles. The profiling system was an excellent tool for self-development and I was surprised at how accurately it recognises strengths and weaknesses.

Adam PerksFranchisee

Julie and the Franchise Professionals were fundamental in our journey to becoming a successful franchise and in many ways better people.

The franchise training that we went through took two main paths. On the one hand we learned about franchising as a process and the industry as a whole. And on the other we spent a lot of time learning about communicating as a team.

As a family run business we simply had not realised the degree to which we lacked communication and how this was hampering us. Julie led us through a number of NLP inspired exercises that not only brought us together as a family but also made us stronger as a business. We had not realised how fundamental communication was to a franchise.

The second part of the training involved the structure of a franchise operation and the process through which franchises as set up and the process of finding franchisee’s. Julie walked us through the entire process from the very beginning of how to structure business to make it scalable right the way through how to create an operations manual and the importance of the franchise agreement.

Throughout this process Julie’s wealth of industry experience was invaluable. At every stage she answered all of our questions and put all of our fears to rest with examples taken from her own past experience in the industry.

In all honesty I do not think we would have been successful in this industry without Julie and the Franchise Professionals. The training that we went through was absolutely essential and I do not understand how anyone would be able to even consider franchising their business without this kind of training.

To anyone considering using the Franchise Professionals Training I would only say that you would be foolish to enter this industry without their training or support.

Alex PaternottRevival Aesthetics

The most important thing I took away from the event was that franchisees need to start planning from day one to get the best out of their businesses, this will also put them in a good position when it comes to resell.  I liked the tools that the trainer used as well as the interaction with the attendees.

Phil GriffinManaging Director Safeclean

The aspects of the event I found most valuable was that it made me think about things I hadn’t thought about previously, also that measuring your actual performance against targets and planning is important.

David BrownSafeclean Franchisee

The most important things I took away from the event were the useful habits to establish at the start of a new business, following good practices that put us in a good place for future plans and the value of expanding beyond one person in one van, and also the fact that our goals seem to put us in a better position in the future.

Jan HarrisonFranchisee

If you are thinking of franchising your business don’t even start until you have completed the Executive Franchise Development Programme.  You won’t even have considered 30% of what you will learn.

Mick WhittakerDirector - ProtectHear

I’d been a franchisor for just short of 3 years with my company PetStay, we have been very successful and now have 26 branches and growing.  I had met Julie and her team at one of their franchise conferences and was very impressed with their knowledge of franchising.   Even though we have been successful and have a growing network I felt I needed to take stock of how we ran our business and are we basically doing it right?   I contacted Julie and booked a full day with her.  I can honestly say it was a great insight into the things we are doing well but found yes there are areas where we need to change some of our procedures.  I’ve started implementing them and already feel we are a better run franchise network.

Carole DavyManaging Director - PetStay

Thank you too the The Francise Professionals team and the guest speakers for helping me to learn and feel confident in franchising my business in the future.

Will BallardWJB Swim

I thought I knew how to franchise my business, now I know how to franchise my business and I also have a plan of action to take away.

Mohammed ArifDirector - Haji Tours

I cannot recommend The Franchise Professionals highly enough.  Their Executive Franchise Development Programme is delivered in a relaxed, friendly manner without any compromise on professionalism and what could be very daunting course is enjoyable and clear; covering every aspect of becoming a franchisor.  In fact – I would go as far as saying – I have no idea how anyone thinking of franchising can contemplate it without attending this course!’

Annie DunnDirector - Tall Order Promotions

Franchise Resales have worked closely with The Franchise Professionals for a number of years and have found them able to fully deliver on all promises and targets.  They have a strong background in the UK franchise market, with experience in a number of different franchised sectors.  We would recommend their services for Franchise Training and Recruitment of Franchisees – all delivered well, on time and on budget.

Derrick SimpsonFormer Director Franchise Resales

We cannot thank The Franchise Professionals enough for helping us to future proof our recruitment process. Julie walked us through the process, focused us on what mattered and has helped us develop a systematic approach to recruiting and on boarding new franchisees. Julie is extremely professional, supportive, engaging,  a great listener but more importantly shares her vast industry experience for the benefit of others. She has an excellent understanding of how to work with us to drive our organisation forward and we hope this relationship will  continue.

Julie GelderOperations Manager - Aspray