Attracting the right franchisees for your business is a crucial part of your growth strategy – it requires time and attention.

Recruiting can be an expensive and time-consuming exercise; it’s fraught with pitfalls and it’s all too easy to bring in the wrong people.

Bringing the wrong people into your business can damage your brand and be costly to rectify.

Having a robust process, that’s designed to screen candidates effectively, is the most cost effective tool that any business can use in their recruitment procedure.

Our dedicated recruitment team remove the hassle of dealing with prospective buyers who are not suitable for your business.

Our team will present you with a candidate that is fully qualified, someone who will focus on building their business within your network.

All of our packages are bespoke to you, so we can offer a range of services, such as:

  • Following up enquiries
  • Raising awareness and attracting interest in your business
  • Move candidates through the buying and approval process – signed, sealed and delivered
  • You can earn a referral fee by passing us your unwanted leads

How we work can be completely guided by how you would like to work:

  • We can process all of your leads or just some of your leads
  • We have our own lead sources from which we can generate candidates for your business

So it really can be a win-win for everyone.

Your Leads

How we work depends on how you want  us to work.

If you already have leads coming in, we can take all your leads and qualify them for you, making sure that they are suitable for your business, and that they meet your Franchisee Profile.

When we have a candidate that meets all your criteria we will arrange for them to meet you.

Our Leads

We have our own lead sources where we can find appropriate candidates that have been qualified and who meet your Franchisee Profile.

We will then arrange for them to meet with you to continue the application process.

Win Win

What happens when a lead you pass us isn’t suitable for your business?

We can put them forward to other businesses that we are working with.

If they are successful and buy a business we are working with – you will earn a referral fee of £250

Want to know more?

If you would like to discuss your requirements, or would simply like to know more, please call us today on:

01522 246812

and speak to our recruitment department.

Our Recruitment Manager, Patricia, works with franchisors to find quality franchisees in the UK. Patricia is an experienced executive recruitment consultant and works closely with our International Department, to:

  • Find master franchisees for brands coming into the UK
  • Source franchisees and ensure that they have the skills, funds and appetite to become an effective franchisee before passing them to the Franchisor or Master Franchisee for interview
  • Undertake research within identified industries for potential franchisees