Fast-Track to Franchising Programme

Accelerate your franchise growth

The exciting thing about people is that we are all different, that’s what makes us interesting. But we do have similarities. For example, some people like information to be given to them in bite size chunks, whilst others like to have all the information now! so that they can plan the way forward. It helps them to understand the bigger picture better, and helps with organising their time. If this sounds like you then this programme is possibly just what you’ve been looking for.

This ILM recognised 5 day programme is workshop based and gives you the opportunity, to work on your business and your own leadership skills.  You will learn how to develop the correct processes and procedures, to create a fantastic franchise offering.  Whilst at the same time honing your management and leadership skills to enable you to become an accomplished franchisor.

But, the best bit about it is, that you get all of the information you need, and lots of information that you didn’t know you needed, all wrapped up in one condensed programme.

That way you can do what you do best, soak up the knowledge then go away and get on with it. What could be better than that?

As part of the five day programme you will:

  • understand how franchising will underpin the growth of your business
  • be able to set parameters for growth and development
  • have created a plan for preparing your business model for growth
  • enhance your leadership skills
  • develop your communication skills
  • create a learning programme for your franchisees
  • understand the need for a robust franchise agreement
  • have an outline of an operations manual that works for your business
  • understand how to recruit quality franchisees
  • have a system specifically designed for recruiting franchisees
  • be able to evaluate the financial aspects of franchising

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