Building the Foundations Programme

Developing a franchise business starts with robust foundations

Getting the basics right can give you a good starting point when it comes to franchising your business. It is not just about your business being franchisable, but would you be a good franchisor?

When a franchise fails it can be for many different reasons. As with any business cash flow and people resource can be a real problem but more often than not with a franchise it’s deeper seated than that.

You can’t run a franchise just like any other business it just doesn’t work the same. You can have the best franchise agreement and a really top notch operations manual, but if the franchisor is not acting as a franchisor then it just won’t work!  We know that a high turnover in franchisees and lack of communication in the group are the first danger signs.

Don’t let your franchise fail just because you don’t know what you don’t know.

Talk to us – This programme is designed specifically to prepare business owners or brand new franchisors for the challenges ahead.

We want to help you to be the best franchisor you can be, with a business that grows and develops as a franchise should.

As part of the three day programme you will:

  • lay down the foundations to becoming a great franchisor
  • create the outline of a plan for development and growth
  • understand the need for a robust franchise agreement
  • create an outline for your operations manual
  • understand the franchisee recruitment process
  • recognise the need for robust marketing plans
  • outline your plan for success

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