Learn how to franchise

Franchising a business takes time, energy and money.  It’s really easy to make expensive mistakes.  Franchising is not just about the business though, if you want to be successful you need to be prepared to become a franchisor. This means that your idea of how your business is structured, and how you lead and manage your team becomes a whole new ball game. Becoming a great leader and manager of peoples expectations is the place to start.

Our programmes are designed to be modular in line with the ILM leadership and management structure. They are generally run as workshops that allow you to learn in your own way.  No matter what your budget is, or what your timescale is we have a programme to suit you.

We have specialists on hand to give advice on every aspect of developing yourself and your business.  We will work with you, and show you how to develop the correct processes and procedures, to create a fantastic franchise offering and become an accomplished franchisor.

If your plan is to expand your business and you’re thinking about franchising, we can help!

Becoming a Franchisor

This one day workshop is designed to give business owners who are considering franchising, an insight into the reality of running a franchised operation.

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Building the Foundations

Are you already clued up about franchising but want help with the bigger stuff? This programme consists of 3 one day workshops which cover essential, need to know information for a new Franchisor…

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Fast Track To Franchising

Do you prefer to have all the information you need before embarking on a new project? If your answer is yes then this programme is for you. This 5 day intensive programme is packed full of vital information that will prevent you making costly mistakes…

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Executive Franchise Development Programme

If you prefer your information in shorter more informative chunks, and would like someone to call for advice along the way, then this is the programme for you. This 10 day – one day per month – programme is packed with information, advice and support to ensure that your franchise gets off to a flying start.

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