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Stimulate your business growth

Our Kick Start programme is used in two ways by franchisors:

  1. As an integrated part of their induction training to ensure that new franchisees get off to a flying start
  2. As a kick start for franchisees who are under performing and need help to get back on track

The majority of franchisees have never run a business before they come into franchising, and this basic lack of business knowledge can make life harder than it needs to be. This can impact further down the line in terms of reduction in growth, and frustrate business owners.

Why not get a few of your franchisees together and help them to support each other whilst you support them?

As part of the 2 day programme you will:

  • understand growth and business management within a franchise concept
  • develop strategies to achieve your goals
  • learn techniques to measure growth and success
  • recognise the importance of cashflow v turnover
  • create a plan for growth
  • begin the planning process to realise a return on your investment

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