Enhance your leadership qualities and grow your business

Being a business owner is one thing, being a business leader within the confines of a franchise operation is completely different.

This programme is for franchisees who have decided to expand their business and want to develop their leadership skills.

We will help you to make the move from being a manager to being the leader of a successful franchise business and do it by design rather than default.

Over the course of the four days, you will gain an insight into the realities of becoming an exceptional leader. You will develop your leadership skills and thus improve your business.

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As part of the four day programme you will:

  • understand your own personal qualities
  • learn how to overcome challenges
  • enhance your leadership skills
  • explore strategies for measuring your business
  • understand the key KPI’s for your business
  • explore your growth plan for the future
  • understand the importance of a living business plan
  • explore your exit strategy

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