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Why are systems so important?

I’m sat in the departure lounge of Sevilla airport, and I started thinking about systems. Looking at the airport security and how you have to do things in certain ways, i.e., check boarding pass, then on to security remove all liquids and aerosols, iPads phones, then remove belts and shoes walk through the scanner. What […]

What we can learn from cricket

What we learn from cricket You may have been entertained/distracted by yesterday’s cricket.  I was. The good news is that I am providing you with a completely valid business reason to keep watching. Stuart Broad was superb and Joe Root’s inning (so far!) has been wonderful.  They both stood up and made individual contribution that […]

What should my franchisees look like?

In my opinion, this is one of the most important things to think about when you are franchising your business.  Why? In both of my businesses I deal with people on both sides of the equation. When you are a brand new franchisor, then your first few franchisees are going to be entrepreneurial, they are […]

Who is your competition?

Who is your competition? It is very easy to look around and say “My business is unique. I don’t have any competition” While the first part is true (no one else has you) the second is definitely false.  It’s also very dangerous; there is no business without competition. A simple example is buying a new […]

Running the shop

Running the shop Have you watched Running the Shop on Channel 4?  The programme description is “Hilary Devey persuades bosses to leave their business for three weeks and let the staff run the shop while they are away”.  They also get money to fund any changes they want to make. The first episode (which is […]

Business is a lonely place

Do you know you’re gross and net? How about you P&L, CPS, PE Ratio, RPI, RRP or VAT? Do you have stock on the LSE, NYSE or NIKKEI? Do you do deals in pound sterling, American dollars, Hong Kong dollars or Bitcoin? Do you know what any of this means and do you need to?* […]

What will The Budget 2015 mean to you?

We have been lucky enough to have James Sewell from Wright Vigar’s expert views on how the budget is likely to effect you.   Listening to the radio on the way into the office this morning, I was a little bit surprised to hear that tax returns were potentially going to be abolished.  Once I’d […]

Is it ok to be late?

Listening to a conversation between a group of professional people last week, I was amazed to hear one of them say “being late is okay because it shows that you are busy”….. I was astonished to say the least. In my opinion that idea is so old fashioned and wrong, but non the less true […]